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Baby Confidence

The first few times at a baby class can be a LOT to deal with for both you and your little one.

It can be tempting to almost expect them to just ‘love’ this fabulous new activity you’ve brought them to, and it can be very stressful for you when they don’t seem to be enjoying it.

For the first few weeks they may sleep (if they’re teeny tiny), cry, be clingy or whiny and want to feed more, and may not engage in the activities.

This is really common and NORMAL. The best thing is to approach new classes and social settings with patience, love, cuddles and support.

New environments, sounds and people can be unsettling and over-stimulating for babies, whatever their age so gentle perseverance and making babies feel safe and secure while they become familiar may help them to settle.

Our MooBorn and Baby Moo classe take place every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday with Wednesdays starting in May.

If you'd like to join us but are a little concerned about how they'll settle in, do drop me a message and we'll work together on a strategy to ease them in!

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