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Class Types

This gives you an overview of the different types of classes we offer at

Coco's Moo Music. This will help you find the best suit for you and your little one. 



Newborn - 10 weeks

our mooborn classes are for babies under 10weeks (you can also attend Baby Moo) We will be using techniques focusing on stimulating your baby's senses which helps to build neural pathways in the brain.


Using our fantastic moo music songs, sensory props, sounds, textures, and sights during the classes which will help to increase your baby's awareness of their world around them.

Moove & Grow

Newborn to 6 months

This class offers you the opportunity to bond, have fun with your baby, learn & grow together as you start your parenting journey

Using massage, reflexology, yoga & tummy time all with our special Moo Music & sensory props


Baby Moo & Brew

Newborn to 9 months (guide only)

Baby Moo class (40mins) with the option to hang back for a cuppa.

Our Baby Moo class is a multi sensory experience for your little one, we run a theme in our classes & base our songs & props around this theme. We include a visual experience using props & some light dress up to allow a fun & uplifting experience with your baby.

We are conscious not to over stimulate your baby so we have methods in place when class planning to keep a good balance of everything we do.

Twin Moo

Babies & Toddlers

A class where everyone in the same boat, being a parent of twins/triplets is a different experience & its great to hang out with like minded parents


Its a Mixed Moo session at The Cowshed, its a secure room so one can’t run out whilst dealing with other


Baby twins parents can reap the assurances & gain valuable info from parents who have been right where you are now


Our activities at Twin Moo are the same as our Baby Moo & Mixed Moo classes which you are also welcome to attend weekdays


Moove, Moo & Brew

Newborn to 10 months

This is based in Larbert at the Dobbie Hall, Rotary Hall. We start a walk before class from park entrance at Sainsbury in Kinnaird, we also encourage people organising other meet up points around other areas.

This class offers a Baby Moo session after walking to class & the opportunity to stay on for a cuppa & blether with your peers.

Moove & Play

9-14 Months

This class is for your active baby. Combination of our fabulous moo songs but a more exploratory session for this age group.

We understand they are ready to be into everyday, not sit still, go from one thing to the next so we have developed this class to encompass all that but with our special coco moo ethos.


Mixed Moo

On the move to Walking

This class is for all preschool children and I do my best to design these classes around all aged children. This requires using a range of props suitable but this can sometimes be more geared towards toddlers although our props are suitable from birth in most cases. 

Music & Movement is very much key in the Mixed Moo class to to get those toddler learning skills like tidying up. We like to encourage their imaginations with dress up, puddle jumping, picnics, fishing, bug hunting and so much more. Socialising, sharing & growing together whilst learning new skills and most of all loving the class and having fun

Maxi Moo

3-6 Years

With nurseries taking kids younger, your little ones are just peaking their Moo interest then its off to nursery but with this brings us the opportunity to deliver activities that suit the older ones, more educational & brain busting fun games & tasks.


Not all kids have an interest in sports or dancing so we are hoping to bring an active MAXI MOO session to bring lots of fun & activity with our unique Coco Moo spin.

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