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The Montessori method encourages self-directed learning through exploration and play. It helps children to learn through a variety of specially developed using fun toys & activities to help your child to lean & master some difficult tasks

Here are 5 examples of the most common learning materials you might see at class & at home

Movable Alphabet Toys (you can get bath ones too)

Children start learning to read properly between the ages of four and seven, but in order to become comfortable with reading, children first need to become comfortable with letters and words.

Movable alphabet toys are a great way to introduce letters & numbers to your child early on.  Children can form colorful, three-dimensional letters into words. Rather than just seeing the words on a page, children can manipulate the letters with their hands. This hands-on interactive play makes learning easier.

Stacking Towers

Children can stack the blocks in size order using unusual shaped blocks of varying shapes & sizes

By using the senses of both seeing and touching, children learn how to compare objects of different sizes and dimensions.

This sharpens early mathematical skills like measuring and comparing. (WE HAVE NEW PROP COMING SOON WHERE THIS KIDS CAN DO THIS)

Sound Cylinders (at class we use rainmakers & wooden crow sounder percussion instruments that we use at class)

It’s important for children to develop and hone all five senses, including the sense of listening. Each cylinder is filled with different materials, some louder than others. Children can shake the cylinders and place them in order of softest to loudest.

Dressing Frames & Busy Boards

Learn Motor Skills like buttons, laces, zips, snaps & buckles - these can be difficult to navigate but using busy board type activities can help practice these skills (COMING SOON TO BABY BARN)

Here are Hands-On Learning you can do at home

Children can learn how to complete daily tasks by letting them explore fun hands-on activities

Some common Montessori hands-on tasks include:

  • Pouring and scooping

  • Watering flowers

  • Ironing

  • Opening bottle caps

  • Washing clothes

  • Gluing paper

  • Sweeping

  • Washing a window

learn important motor skills whilst exploring the environment around them.

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