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Digital Download of Barry Baa’s CD. The CD is filled with25 Fantastic songs which you hear at Coco’s Moo Music. Why not download them to play in the car, while making the dinner or just while playing at home.

Tracks on CD

1. Afternoon Song

2. Barry’s 12 Baa Blues

3. Two Things at Once

4. Wave

5. Dodgems

6. One or Two

7. Telling the Time

8. Visit the Farm

9. Opposites

10. Keeps Up Balloon

11. Lazy River

12. Follow the Leader

13. Doris Duck’s Disco

14. Here we go up

15. Dressing up

16. Animal Quackers

17. Afternoon Stretch

18. Write a Letter

19. Tickle Tum

20. Eat Your Veg

21. The Texture Song

22. Sports Day

23. My Armsbands are Cool

24. Time for Bed

25. We’ll See You Next Week

Barry Baa CD

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