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Why we repeat what we repeat 🎶

🎶Why do we sing and dance to some of the same songs every week?🎶

❤️Children naturally love to do things over and over again - lots of children will the words “again” and “more” pretty early on - they KNOW what they like, and they LOVE repetition!❤️

🐮At Coco's Moo Music, we sing the same songs at the beginning and end of each session.🎭

🧐This provides our regular attendees with a predictable routine and the confidence to join in. I’ve seen some Moovers going from fiercely cuddling into grown up, to grabbing their own shakers and LEADING the train song within a few weeks.💃🕺

🤓In addition to building confidence, repetition also helps our brains develop memory skills!

A child will start to relate the songs to where they are (Moo) and will feel more settled and comfortable, knowing what to expect and will instantly relax them into the session

Repetition of certain songs which are the key structure of the sessions is key for a child’s development. It helps them understand a routine.

All this from a few fun songs and dances? Yup! Sound good?

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