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Tummy Time

🐮Throughout Moo Music classes I encourage tummy time! We do this through a variety of ways, just a few minutes on their tummy each day aids development! So try not to be dishearten if your baby doesn't enjoy tummy time, they'll get there!

🌟Tummy time is encouraged on our foil blankets, giving your little one a new feeling and lots of foil to hear and see.

🎶We explore by offering instruments and props for your little one to reach for, even move for if they are starting shuffle! & of course play with whilst on their tummy.

👏Tummy time starts to encourage your little one to hold their head up, letting us see how strong they are! Next step is for them to roll over; back to tummy and tummy to back are fantastic milestones for your babies!

😍& tummy time encourages the next steps for crawling. It's exciting to see your little ones develop and enjoy all these milestones, for both yourself and them!!

💃We also explore different vestibular movements through tummy time, we dance with our babies cradled in our arms, on their tummies, this IS a form of tummy time and lots of fun!

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