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🤔 Do babies just need love and hugs? ❤️👐🏻

So what is cognitive development and why is it important? In a nutshell, it’s how your little one thinks, reasons, remembers and understands the world around them. It involves processes such as attention, problem-solving, language development, memory, and decision-making.

While some may claim that babies just need to be loved and cuddled, it’s also really important to spend quality time interacting with your baby or toddler every day to help their brain develop.

You can do this by:

🌟 Singing to your baby/child

🌟 Talking to your baby/child, naming objects and narrating what you or your little one are doing

🌟 Reading books to your little one

🌟 Answering “why” and “what’s that” questions

🌟 Give them choices

🌟 Encourage them to explore different ways of solving a problem

At Coco's Moo Music we encourage your little ones to explore many of these skills and more, while showing you how you can support their learning at home. 🏠💡

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