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This class is for all preschool children and we do our best to design these classes around all aged children. This requires using a range of props suitable but this can sometimes be more geared towards toddlers although our props are suitable from birth in most cases.

MUSIC & MOVEMENT is very much key in the MIXED MOO class to to get those toddler learning skills like tidying up. We like to encourage their imaginations with dress up, puddle jumping, picnics, fishing, bug hunting and so much more. Socialising, sharing & growing together whilst learning new skills and most of all loving the class and having fun.


For the babies 10-18months.
This class starts with 30minutes of a MUSIC & MOVEMENT session using SENSORY props that their little hands can hold, feel and explore. Our props are designed for this age group (approx 9-14mths) that they will find fun and interesting. We also include our puppets, instruments, scarves etc and try a bit of dress up on these independent babies.

Only available at The Cowshed


These classes are SENSORY based classes which include MUSIC & MOVEMENT- lots of jumping, shaking, stomping. Sensory props to enhance child growth & development. We use fast & slow songs, add some dress up and a range of various props including shakers, ribbons, feathers, scarves, puppets, and a whole load more. We play games like peek a boo & musical statues.

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